Sports Courts Unlimited

Research tells us that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery level.  Having the ability to practice on your own property increases your potential to do just that.  Whether its a sports court, putting green or turf field; it can help you achieve mastery level.  Contact us today for a free estimate. 

Train and Entertain

Whether you're a Pro or an Amateur having a sport court in your backyard gives you an advantage to develop your skills. 

It also allows you the ability to host your friends and neighbors in a new way. 

Vinyl Sports Courts offer a unique set of benefits.  Read more below.  


Sport Court Design, Build and Maintenance

New Construction:


  1. Vinyl Tile Sports Courts

  2. Concrete Sports Courts

  3. Turf Installation 

  4. Putting Greens

  5. Bocce Courts

  6. Shuffleboard

  7. Sand Volleyball Courts

  8. Gaga Pits

  9. Tether Ball

  10. Net Installation

  11. Equipment Assembly 




  1.  Line Painting

  2. Court Painting

  3. Court Cleaning 

Why a Sport Court

1. Safety- Having a court, provides your children with a safe environment for them and their friends to enjoy their favorite sport(s).  There is no more worrying about strangers at a community court.  These community courts are also usually made of hard surfaces that aren’t always maintained.


2. Efficiency – When it’s time to practice, workout or just have fun; you walk out your door and are playing in seconds.  All your travel time is now converted into usable time; increasing your productivity.  It also allows you to practice with your child daily allowing them to gain skills at a greater rate. 


3. Fun- Backyards have become entertaining venues for families, friends, coworkers and neighbors to enjoy together.  Having a court allows you to host and provide a healthy source of fun for your nearest and dearest. 


4. Availabiltiy- You do not have to wait for a court at a park or gym, it's yours.  


5. Stress Relief - Exercise is a great stress reliever. 

6. Increase Family Time - Families can come together to play their favorite sport(s) together and bond. 

7. Promotes Exercise and Fitness - With the rise of the use of electronics, the precentage of children staying physically active is decreasing.  Sport courts encourage fitness.  


Why a Vinyl Tile Court 

1. Reduces Muscle Stress

2. Reduces Joint Stress on Knees, Ankles, Hip and Back 

3. Enhances Player Comfort

4. Offers the Right Amount of Traction

5. Low Abrasion Equals Less Wear and Tear on Shoes and Equipment

6. Designed for Safety

7. Fast Draining Equals Fast Drying After Rain